I'm taking a break from work to write this. My neck hurts, in spite of my best attempts at an ergonomic setup. Okay, this definitely isn't my best, but it was when I was broke. Some investments are warranted.

Time spent combating my artist's crane-hunch may be a wiser investment, but it's certainly a more difficult one. I'll go 50/50.

Breakfast today was a Luna bar, followed by a CLIF Kid Z-Bar an hour later. I end up ravenous around lunchtime, but hassle-free mornings let me start and end work earlier than I'd be able to otherwise.

It's around lunchtime now, and sure enough, I feel like I could eat a cow in spite of my recurring nausea. It'd be a bad idea, but I COULD, you know?

My coffee of the day has not quite gone cold. Kaladi Bros. Red Goat blend, French pressed with milk and sugar. Tastes like home. Less the home I knew as a kid and more the one I visit a few times a year, less the nostalgia and more the settling. Reflecting on my childhood brings little joy. These past few years, though, they're worth smiling about.

I hope my good luck doesn't run out any time soon. I wonder what to eat for lunch. I take a deep breath and go to clear the last ten minutes before I eat.