I really need to make this a daily habit, for many reasons. Examples: It feels good to write. Writing about my life helps me keep my head screwed on straight. I'm not bullet journaling reliably anymore, so I need a new daily habit. I'd like something to look back on, to understand who I was, so I'll know how I got to where I'll be.

That's something I do regret greatly about my teenage years. I have a lot of regrets about that time, actually, none of which have anything to do with “enjoying” my youth. The prime of my life is now. I was a miserable, desolate teen, fighting tooth and nail against my own chemistry to make it to 18. I made it! I'm 20 now! Still, I wish I had more... documentation, I suppose.

I don't blame younger Lithish for not wanting to be photographed, gods forbid RECORDED. Still, I think if I had more than memory and folklore, I'd understand who I am now a little bit better.

There are some fantastic stories about baby Lithish. I'll tell you some of them one day.

Anyway, back to the point: I want to document this time. My personal history shouldn't pass into distant myth when I'm old and grey, I don't think — I want to remember who I was, who I am now. If this is truly the prime of my life, and I really won't know until it's gone, I'd like it put into words while it's still rolling.

Besides, journaling even sporadically is already paying off for me. I'm not afraid to write anymore.